How to Self Motivate!

Okay, we all hit a wall eventually! As a one-woman show over here at Venus Guides Accessories, Following Venus Blog, & Following Venus Podcast, it is STRESSFUL trying to stay creative 24/7!! Sometimes when I hit that wall, I find myself having the audacity to call myself lazy! That's not helpful. Get to the root of your resistance. You're not lazy. Maybe you're dealing with anxiety, burnout, fear, or just exhausted with your routine. "Self Care" isn't always easy, it can even be exhausting to wash your face if you force it.
Have this conversation with yourself, be a friend, and give yourself some grace.
Grab the crystal that calls to you; it's Amethyst, & sit with your thoughts.
Listen to your needs, complaints, concerns, fears...
Don't let these thoughts stay, allow them to flow, now watch your thoughts change into positivity. You allowed yourself the freedom to express and release.
Now, what do you need?
Read/ Listen to a book.
Wash your face.
Take a nap.
Do your self-care routine.
Put on your favorite song & dance!
Clean out a drawer.
Put on something pretty.
You're ready to get back to work. You're ready to show up as your best self!

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