About the creator 

My name is Jordan, welcome to my world of Venus Guides Accessories. I created Venus Guides out of a creative need, I was done with the bad relationships and the toxicity that comes with them so I began my path to self discovery. Which by the way isn't always fun but necessary! While I was on this journey I found my inner goddess, I wanted to give her an avenue of expression.

In astrology Venus represents love, loyalty, compassion, honesty, and beauty. In mythology she is Aphrodite the Goddess of love, beauty and fertility.

When we treat ourselves with care & love we are able to thrive in all parts of life! So I want to give you a way to allow your inner goddess to shine through and glow the way she's meant! This brand is for ANYONE wanting to show some self love. Crystal healing has been a huge part of my life and growth. I want to share it with anyone who feels called to it.

Venus Guides is all about empowering your inner goddess.. 

Crystal jewelry can be glamorous like any diamond necklace, timeless like a gold band, and luxury like a tennis bracelet. 

Welcome to my world!

With love, Jordan

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