How to use Mercury RX to forgive your past self

I know we have created a knee-jerk reaction to Mercury Retrograde, instantly being scared & bummed. Running around triple-checking emails, canceling plans, and never trying something new. I'm not saying you shouldn't be aware of technological issues, contracts, & being wary of an ex, but all these things shouldn't be scary; they should be helpful.
Mercury RX is the time of the "RE."
You get it, right? So while you're getting pulled down memory lane, remember this is your time to do it differently. I think of that Tiktok video where people remember something cringey throughout the day! BTW this happens to me all the time!!
You're getting the opportunity to do some real shadow work by reliving moments to learn and forgive. You have serious power with your energy so remember to look for the silver lining. If you're going down the dreaded EX rabbit hole, go down with grace and try not to be "Reactive" to these emotions that have been bottled up, release them and forgive yourself. I promise you'll walk away from this Mercury RX refreshed and realigned!
Mercury goes direct on February 21st, but there is a 2 week shadow period that you can work with! So don't be afraid of Mercury RX, use it to shed all past ties and move forward anew! 
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