Introducing "Following Venus" A blog!

A blog about living in Venus Energy
Like everything in life it's easier said than done, but Venus is about BEING. In a society that's all about go go go how do we learn how to just be, in order to tap into our Venus Energy. Let's go along this journey together. I will be opening up about my own journey & trying out new ways to connect with self while living everyday life. From the small things, like romanticizing your nightly routine by treating yourself like Cleopatra. Can you imagine Cleopatra skipping a crystal roller massage? To the bigger steps like focusing on self-reflection to break through boundaries that are holding you back from self love & admiration. 
Venus The Mother of Rome, as a Goddess she had many lives like intertwining with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the goddess of love, fertility, beauty, and eternal youth. The Goddess Venus is all that plus, Victory and Motherhood. 
The planet Venus rules personal aesthetics, values, love, and courtship. She is the embodiment of all feminine wiles and energetic power. 
In all her forms Venus just IS. It's simply being that brings the powers that be to her feet. 
You have a piece of her blinding light within you so how can you NOT shine?!
I have an overwhelming amount of faith in this blog to be something great.
I want it to be the place for you to come to begin your journey to empowering your inner goddess or to continue the journey! A collective group to empower one another & gently keep each other accountable of claiming that BIG GODDESS ENERGY!!
( If you don't think we can make "BIG GODDESS ENERGY" a thing feel free to let me know lol) 
With love & appreciation, 

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