Self Reflection Part: II

Self Reflection Part: II

Okay, here’s the deets... it’s hard to constantly focus on self-growth! It will take so much out of you at first, but I’ll tell you something that helps! DATE YOURSELF! You know those first couple months when finding out anything new about your partner is exciting, no matter what the information is. (favorite movie, pet peeves, etc.) Well, put that same energy into getting to know yourself again. We’re ever-evolving; a different situation can create a new outlook. 

Self Reflection card. What am I wearing when I have the best time? What do I always regret wearing?

I want you to know, I pulled the card after I set up the shot. Coincidence? I think not! Anyway, the question seems simple right? Well, think a little deeper & if it's still simple, then Great!! You got a light question this week, so don't fight it. Rose Quartz is the crystal I like to keep with me when I'm channeling self acceptance & self love. It also attracts true love by keeping your hearts open to new possibilities. 

For me, the second question is easy. JEANS. 

I loathe them. Nothing makes me feel less sexy and uncomfortable, like jeans. 

This is actually a fun card, so I'd love if you would share a picture of your response with me by tagging @followingvenusblog

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This question is such a double-ended sword so try to not let it swallow you up. Especially during Mercury RX, answer it honestly but answer it for yourself not to be kind to others. This is within your own journal, so feel free to be brutally honest with yourself.
My answer surprised me, but believe me, I wanted to write " My dog, Red. Because he doesn't judge me. (Outloud)" It's an easy way out, but we're here to dive deeper and enjoy what new things we find out!
With love, 
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