Thursday is ruled by Jupiter

What Planet rules Thursday!?

What Planet Rules Thursday?

Thursday is ruled by the planet JUPITER! It's full of energy, luck, & adventure. The planet of abundance and expansion, which makes it the perfect day to learn something new. Jupiter the most abundant of the planets and said to be the most powerful. Thursday is also correlated in mythology to Thor, and some even say that Jupiter & Thor are one and the same.
Jupiter is also the planet of Sagittarius, the sign of enjoyment, enlightenment, & expansion. When you think of Sagittarius, think of the keywords I see/I seek! Personally, as a Sun Sagittarius, this is my favorite day to expand my thinking & seek knowledge! Take an Adventure with Amethyst to be protected, keep calm energy while trying something new, and tap into your intuition. Lepidolite is the crystal of Jupiter & Neptune; it will stimulate all your chakras while aiding you in the release of your worries while guiding you on a path through them!
(Self-work while trying new things!! WIN-WIN)
Now can you imagine the possibilities of your Thursday? 
Try something new this day...
Plan a day trip
Take a pottery class ( Sagittarius is the pro-student)
Listen to new music and let your mind wander! 
The possibilities are endless on this day! So the next time you think it's just an ordinary Thursday remember how extraordinary it can be with a little intention!
Love & Light,


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